The Institute of Wellbeing is a national and specialist organisation promoting total wellbeing and healthy living through a range of Personal Development Programmes, Private Therapies, Multimedia and Creative Arts for all people at all stages in life.
What we do: overview

The Institute of Wellbeing are experts in the field of wellbeing. We work with practitioners, young people and parents to equip families with the life skills they need to achieve positive emotional and mental wellbeing and resilience…

What we do for commissioners

The Institute of wellbeing is a leading provider of ‘Wellbeing in Practice’ and is dedicated to working with partners across all sectors – public, private and voluntary. As a national provider we are able to deliver across diverse…

Family & Parenting Wellbeing

Parents, carers and families are the most important influence on outcomes for children and young people. We want all children to benefit from confident, positive and resilient parenting, from birth right through to the teenage….