Emotional Hygiene

Discover the Emotional Hygiene online course, the wellbeing system designed to help you keep your psychological and emotional hygiene in tip top shape.

Inside the Emotional Hygiene course

Our online course is designed to help individuals and families who need a solution to help them manage their mental health. This new six module online course will help you improve your emotional state to help you think well, live and be well.

6 online video modules

Personal development tools

Mental and emotional skills

Downloadable resources

If you are feeling exhausted at the end of each day, feeling mentally and emotionally drained – try our easy to use online course, it might be different from anything else you have tried.

Here is what others are saying

100% of our learners who complete Emotional Hygiene say that the course improved their wellbeing

Win back your mental health

This online course will show you the ways in which you can improve your psychological and emotional wellbeing in simple easy to follow video modules. 

Here are what the results look like:

Improved wellness

A balanced daily schedule

Clarity to achieve your goals

A psychological first aid kit for your mind

Do you wish you had a sanitiser for your mind that you could apply use each and every time you mind was challenged?

How to invest in your wellbeing

Imagine what it would feel like to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. The good news is that you can, make it a priority today.


If you have read this far, you are one step away to self improvement

If you’re like many of our learners, you have tried a lot of other courses before. You have bought books and read many articles hoping to finally improve your emotional state and mental health. But somehow, despite best efforts, the strategies may not have lived up to your expectation.

Emotional Hygiene is the online course that will bring clarity to the areas where interruptions and demands are clouding your current life view. Better yet, it will amplify your ability to cope during these unprecedented times. 

So don’t spend another moment stressed, stuck, or overwhelmed. Start your journey to being better today.

Dr Mike Kelly
CEO & Founder

Frequently asked questions

Yes. All the course modules are delivered through online video. You will need an internet connection. If you use a mobile device on a data plan please check with your provide for any associated costs.

Here are 2 reasons to buy now:

1. Each module is an actionable step. You can leverage the tools and templates inside the course to take immediate action to improve your wellbeing.

2. The anxiety in society is palpable and we often wonder how many people are going to be more seriously affected long term by the psychological damage that will be done to so many people during this difficult time.

You have lifetime access after purchasing the course. You do not have to renew at any point.

We will send you a confirmation email with your course access details. Once received, you will be able to log into the course and start as soon as you’re ready.

Please do let us know what questions you have and how we might be able to help. You can email us at support@tiow.org.

All video modules can be watched through your mobile device. The tool and resources can viewed on your mobile device.