About Us

What drives us

Over the last 20 years, we have been on a mission to help people develop their wellbeing so that they can maximise their sense of inner peace, life satisfaction and joy so they can live effectively in every area of life.

What we do

We work with individuals and organisations to help them achieve their best positive,  emotional and mental wellbeing. 

We offer a range of wellbeing solutions, including music therapy, courses, coaching and mentoring that help to create a culture of empowerment, growth and balance.

What we believe

At the Institute of Wellbeing, we believe that Wellbeing begins with ‘being well’ in ‘your self so that you may be well in the world’.


Wellbeing starts from within

We believe that wellbeing starts from within and simply cannot be equated with wealth, happiness and possessions.


A choice to ‘be well’

We believe that people are not defined by their social and economic status and we all have a choice to ‘Be Well’.


Learning is fundamental

We believe that life-long learning is fundamental to living a life that inspires, restores, motivates people to reach their full potential.


Education Matters

We believe that education and a ‘life course approach’ is the fulcrum that helps create a fairer society which empowers an individual to achieve their ‘own sense of wellbeing’.

How do we define wellbeing?

Wellbeing is about promoting a better way of life and equality for citizens. Wellbeing in its simplest definition, is: Being Well. It is where the basic human requirements are met whilst being allowed to have optimistic aspirations enveloped in an environment where the endeavour of ‘Being Well’ can be achieved, therefore, attaining a satisfactory quality and standard of life and happiness.

Mike Kelly – CEO and Founder of the Institute of Wellbeing