Village mentality – do we respect and do we even want it?

Welcome to part four of our four part podcast – developing brilliant people. In this podcast we are joined by our special guest Sir Simon Woolley – founder of Operation Black Vote and the Chair of the Race Disparity Unit. 

We are not sure if there was ever a ‘golden age’ of raising a family but what we do believe is that bringing up children might have been easier when families lived near each other and they could rely on the wisdom and support of the extended family/community. In this podcast, we discuss some of the challenges of parenting today, the competing challenges for our attention and the opportunities to improve ourselves and our communities so that we can help others.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • If the saying “it takes a village to raise child” is still true today
  • The importance of collective leadership in the community
  • The value and importance of voluntary work
    Why self management is critical before we can helps others
    What placed based systems are and how they help communities