Suzy Beaumont shares her inspiring life journey and practical steps for overcoming life challenges

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Suzy Beaumont – Founder and Creator of Change Your World joins host Dr Mike Kelly (CEO – Institute of Wellbeing) in the Wellbeing Cafe. 

Suzy Beaumont is a former multi-award winning BBC Producer with 18 years’ experience in TV and Radio. With a track record in creating nationally recognised features and live programming, specialising in business, health & wellbeing and lifestyle documentary making. 

Using her skills as a producer, Suzy turned her hand to organising life changing events and developing and facilitating a range of personal and professional coaching services. 

Suzy is now the Founder and Creator of Change Your World which brings together leading experts to inspire, motivate and empowering; creating a ripple effect of positive change for individuals, organisations and the environment. 

Suzy has a massive vision to positively change the world using personal development. The aim is to inspire individuals to become their best self through a consistent self-improvement practice.

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