Top tips for building resilience through life’s storms

Joining Dr Mike Kelly (CEO – the Institute of Wellbeing) in the Wellbeing Cafe is Christiana Senibo – Public Speaker and Life Coach.

Christiana explains how we can build resilience and that whilst we all go through storms in life, the challenge is not the storm but how we handle it.

In todays Wellbeing Cafe we explore:

– How do we go through challenges in a way that they do not destroy us?
– The practical steps for building resilience to help get through life’s storms
– The five ways we commonly respond to the life’s challenges and how to overcome them
– How to deal with multiple storms in your life
– If culture has an impact on our resilience when it comes to requesting help?
– What do you do when your support network lets you down?
– How do we build resilience in children?

Watch this video and find out why 93% of our attendees said the information in the video had helped to improve their resilience to feel more equipped to manage life.

We hope that you will be able to join us and our special guest online where we share practical tools, strategy and psychology to help you on your journey of personal and professional transformation.

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