The importance of child wellbeing

Children’s wellbeing is a fundamental part of their emotional, mental, social, physical, environmental and spiritual development. A healthy and balanced lifestyle during this early stage is imperative for their personal wellbeing, achieving and maintaining growth as well as a holistic approach to life. Providing opportunities to carefully support the explicit understanding of these basic human needs will help your child to appreciate how and why they are so significant in their life. These basics are:

Food and water
A balanced diet and nourishment stimulates physical and psychological development underpinning brain development.

Rest, sleep & play
A basic physiological need for the body to rejuvenate, repair, grow and is equally important as a balanced diet.

Social interaction and physical activity (in & outdoors)
This can increase life expectancy and decreases risk of cardiovascular disease. Produces overall physical, psychological and social benefits.

Ensures bodily temperature is correctly regulated and an awareness of how to look after themselves.

Sunlight and fresh air
Some sun exposure is vital for Vitamin D to help absorb calcium for healthier and stronger bones. When regulated the benefits also include a decrease in hyperactivity and depression. Gives a greater appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Love and affection
Children feel good about themselves when they feel valued and know that someone is special to them and acknowledges their efforts, this promotes positive relationships, strength, a caring spirit and independence.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Intellectual stimulation
Giving opportunities to experience a rich language environment to express themselves, speak and listen, even stimulate curiosity about nature or the wider environment; provoking feelings of peace and awe, to be able to share their thoughts and explore / observe connections and sensitivities.

Attention and praise
Valuing and recognising uniqueness, creativity and individuality enriches self-worth, gives a sense of appreciation and opportunities to learn how to manage their feelings.

Shelter and security
for safeguarding and protection from danger, builds trust, relaxation and happiness to enjoy the world around them.

Health care and hygiene
Establishing day-to-day body care routines are critical for lifelong habits which need to be reinforced and practiced in early years to protect against infections, illness, germs and promotes personal standards, responsibility and self-esteem.

Every child needs a high level of stability and routine which will promote confidence, structure and resilience towards challenges in life.