Loss, Grief and Self Esteem – The Hidden Loss

Doubt. Self-esteem. Insecurity. Just the mention of these words can take us back to a particular moment in our lives. Perhaps the teenage years or young adulthood – when how you feel about yourself and your place in the world can be so uncertain.

But as time goes on and you settle into your adult life, self-esteem may not seem so important, and it’s not something you may have paid much attention to. In other words, if it’s not great, it’s at least good enough.

It’s also not something you hear spoken about in grief. And yet significant loss can completely drain and deplete any self-esteem you may have, making it feel impossible to move forward in a healthy or purposeful way. So why does confidence take such a hit after loss, and how do we begin to improve this invisible symptom of grief?

Before we talk about why it’s so common to loose self-esteem in grief, perhaps it’s a good idea to explore why it’s important, and how it serves us in life.

About Our Guest

Joining us in the Institute of Wellbeing’s – Wellbeing Cafe is expert Loss and Bereavement Counsellor Fiona Reynolds.

Fiona has previously shared in the Wellbeing Cafe her expertise and insights into how we deal with loss and grief and how we can better support those who have or are going through loss.

Fiona believes that It is greatly important that people understand what grief is and how beneficial it is for them to grieve freely. Fiona works in her local community conducting seminars and workshops about loss and grief, as well as end of life preparations and death, hoping to educate people and normalise these matters as part of everyday living.

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