How to raise community, political and wellbeing champions

Welcome to part three of our four part podcast – developing brilliant people. In this podcast we are joined by our special guests Sir Simon Woolley – founder of Operation Black Vote and the Chair of the Race Disparity Unit and also David Shosanya.

We take the opportunity to ask our special guests what can be done by communities, faith groups and leaders to help disadvantaged communities to overcome some the key challenges that they face today.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The impact a 30 million word gap has on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • How the church can get involved in helping disadvantaged families in their communities.
  • The importance of political literacy.
  • The four key “hubs” that can make a significant difference to churches and the communities they are supporting.
  • The critical role parents play in being present in the lives of the children.
  • Why wellbeing interventions can help parents who are stressed or struggling.
  • The importance of operation black vote (OBV).