How to build your community

Dr Mike Kelly (CEO Institute of Wellbeing) is joined by Donna Murray-Turner in the Wellbeing Cafe

Donna Murray-Turner – Founder Another Night of Sisterhood (ANOS), Chair, Croydon Safer Neighbourhoods & Community Champion

In todays Wellbeing Cafe our topic is “Taking responsibility to build your community”. Some of the topics that we explore In our conversation include:

– How community goes back to a personal level – ethics, values and perspective, and using that to start building relationships.
– How we see ourselves is intrinsic to building a community. How do we genuinely feel about seeing ourselves and others?
– We in a time of where we are repurposing ourselves
– How do we build our community?

We hope that you will be able to join us and our special guest online where we share practical tools, strategy and psychology to help you on your journey of personal and professional transformation.

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