What To Do When Your Child Is Being Bullied

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to know that their child is being bullied. You can feel helpless and worried about what to do about it. Here is our quick guide to dealing with bullying. Step One Talk about it. This may be the hardest step. Talk to your child about what is happening to them. […]

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A Guide to Potty Training

We have all been through it. The dreaded potty training! But it doesn’t have to be daunting. Here is our quick guide to potty training: Step One Purchase a potty. Your child will be between 18-24 months when you will need to start potty training them. By having a potty around, it won’t seem so […]

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Is TV really bad for your child?

I remember as a child, my parents would warn me that ‘watching too much TV fries your brain cells’. I used to wake up early to watch the kids shows before school and race back home after school to watch the afterschool kids shows. I watched a lot of TV but still managed to get […]

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Choosing the Right School

Choosing a school for your child can be stressful. Parents are understandably worried, how can I be sure my child will be happy?
Most schools hold open days for prospective parents. They are a good way for you and your child to see the school’s facilities and meet staff and students. These days can dispel doubts and raise them. They give you with a ‘feel’ for a school, an idea of its atmosphere and ethos.

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