Random Acts of Kindness – Winner 2021

Patrick Hutchinson came first place in our Random Act of Kindness competition. He continues to serve his community wholeheartedly. He happily gave up his time to help us on our Superhero park trail and handed out the goodie bags to all the lovely children who took part.

Patrick continues to serve his community and be a positive role model for our youth, yet the unforgettable image of Patrick that was captured on camera and then, in a matter of hours, circulated globally will never be forgotten.

We have all heard the saying, ‘actions speak louder than words, and Patrick’s act of kindness showed the world we need love and compassion and togetherness to unite us all as one. The most striking element of Patrick’s photo from that day didn’t require any subtext: it was that of a man simply taking another man out of danger.

Check out Patrick’s website as he continues to inspire and help those around him.