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See you in 2021

2020 was a year like no other.

The Covid-19 pandemic literally brought us to a standstill, it threatened our lives and brought our social world almost to a halt. At the same time, this year has also taught us just how strong and resilient we are as humans.

With sensitivity, compassion, kindness, agility, empathy, and creativity all wrapped in love, we arose to the challenge. Somehow we have managed to care more than ever about one another and it seems that community and personal relationships have never been more valuable.

We have learned to have gratitude for our own health and the health of the people around us. We were reminded of how precious the small things in life are, and that sometimes we have to take baby steps to be able to see the smaller things that we perhaps previously took for granted.

We are currently working on some new ideas, to include improving the content on your newsfeeds, more interactive training, policy papers and supporting you better as wellbeing champions.

As this year is coming to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a faithful supporter of our online Wellbeing Cafe.

We have become a family and it means a lot to me.

We are not sure what 2021 holds, that said, I look forward to a new era, full of hope and new possibilities. A time when hope we can return to travelling, socialising and connecting with family, friends and loved ones.

Until then, on behalf of all of us at The Institute of Wellbeing, I wish you a very safe and joyful holiday season and thank you for being on this journey with us.

Let us enjoy the holiday season and give 2021 a warm welcome.

Think well, live well, be well.

Dr Mike Kelly
CEO and Founder – Institute of Wellbeing

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