Partnerships in practice

A course for people entering into long-term relationships

Course details

This course is designed for heterosexual or same-sex couples who are committed to voluntary or arranged marriage, civil partnership or a less formal long-term relationship.

The aim of this course is to:

How does the course work

Group Training

This course consists of four modules for couples planning marriage or long-term relationships. 

Delivered by one of our expert Institute of Wellbeing facilitators you will be working with a group of eight couples.


The activities encourage participants to explore what it means to enter into a healthy, loving, long-term partnership while promoting communication and a sense of shared commitment.

Participating couples take part in a series of structured discussions and tasks, using self-analysis, mutual reflection, life-planning and creative visualisation to raise their awareness of what it means to share their life with another person.


Each module requires a minimum of four hours. They can be completed at a time to suit participants over:

  • two separate or consecutive days
  • four half-days
  • eight two-hour sessions

What you will learn

Strong relationships needs transferable qualities such as, effective communication skills, conflict management skills, self-confidence, accountability, respect, tolerance, ability to listen, hear and empathise in order for a relationship to flourish, be successful and be productive. This style of equality plays an important role in a loving partnership and works best when shared.

Course outline

Module 1 - Partnership & Commitment

Couples are encouraged to explore the meaning of partnership, trust and commitment and to consider the qualities of an ideal partnership.

Module 2 - Partnership & Communication

Couples investigate what helps and hinders effective communication in a relationship and use role-play to practice the use of assertive, non-confrontational and non-verbal language

Module 3 - Partnership in Health

Couples explore what it means to be healthy in mind, body and spirit and how to achieve a mutually healthy partnership

Module 4 - Partnership in Love

Couples focus on what loving another person entails, and consider how well they know their partner’s values, dreams and aspirations.

Partnerships in practice
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