The New Normal

Discover the time-sensitive routines to help you and your family adapt to a post COVID-19 world so that you can make the ‘new normal’ feel normal

Adapting to the new normal

Without a clear picture of what’s coming next and the unprecedented impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on all of us, each day we worry for the security for our loved ones, our jobs, our finances and our own health and our children’s wellbeing. 

The normal course is designed to help families achieve:

Improved Wellbeing

Better connectedness

Balanced Routine

Get tips to improve your selfcare

It is important that you take care of your own wellbeing first, so that you take care of those who are important to you. The New Normal online course gives you the practical tools and strategies to improve your self care.

Inside the New Normal course

Our online course is designed to help families who need a solution to help them feel closer, more connected, cohesive and continue to grow together.

5 online video modules

Mental and emotional skills

Downloadable resources

Are you are feeling consumed, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, fearful, worried and even angry about your future? Try the New Normal – our easy to use online course, it might be different from anything else you have tried.

The Modules

All of the information, tips and bite sized activities have been designed to be completed together as a family. The modules are simple to learn and quick to implement so that you can start making a difference to your daily life straight away.

I’m sure you have heard the term new normal a number of times and if you are like most of us, perhaps it is a term you were not familiar with until The Covid-19 swept through our countries and literally landed on our doorsteps.

So, what does it mean ‘The New Normal’?


This module will give you five useful tips to keep the family factor as a primary focus.

We want you to be optimal as a parent which is arguably the most difficult job on the planet. We will talk about kindness, creativity, family structure, encouragement to seek help when needed and it will help you to look forward to the days when this crisis has passed.

Active Communication is a very important.

When it comes to relationship building and cohesion in your home, communication is key.

So, whether it be for use around a dining table at a family meal or whilst reading with your child, this module provides you the essential tools to be used in your home and whilst connecting with your children.

A practical module that will encourage you and your family to design and create your life.

The activities allow you to be deliberate with planning daily and weekly tasks and also helps with creating family routines.

The outcome is that you will add some new rituals and routines to your life, that will help you and those around you to adjust more quickly to something that you can call normal.


This module is self-reflective, It allows you to asses you learning and to review and contemplate your implementation strategy.

The anxiety in society is palpable and I often wonder how many people are going to be more seriously affected long-term by the psychological damage that will be done to so many individuals and families during what continues to be a difficult time. 

Get started today

Imagine what it would feel like to create meaningful healthy routines and develop life skills to support you and our families resilience and wellbeing.


Frequently asked questions

Yes. All the course modules are delivered through online video. You will need an internet connection. If you use a mobile device on a data plan please check with your provide for any associated costs.

Here are 3 reasons to buy now:

1.  This is the only time you could buy it at this low price.

2. Each module is an actionable step. You can leverage the tools and templates inside the course to take immediate action to improve your wellbeing.

3. The anxiety in society is palpable and we often wonder how many people are going to be more seriously affected long term by the psychological damage that will be done to so many people during this difficult time.

You have lifetime access after purchasing the course. You do not have to renew at any point.

We will send you a confirmation email with your course access details. Once received, you will be able to log into the course and start as soon as you’re ready.

Please do let us know what questions you have and how we might be able to help. You can email us at

All video modules can be watched through your mobile device. The tool and resources can viewed on your mobile device.

Primarily this course is for parents, grandparents or caregivers to children.

If you have read this far, you are one step away to a new normal

If you’re like many of our learners, you have tried a lot of other courses before. You have bought books and read many articles hoping to finally improve your emotional state and mental health. But somehow, despite best efforts, the strategies may not have lived up to your expectation.

The New Normal on-line course will help you and working together towards a common goal, whether you be in the role of parent, grandparent or caregiver, you’re helping your children to appreciate the value of creating meaningful healthy routines and life skills to support their resilience and wellbeing. 

On completion of the course, I hope you will feel closer, more connected, cohesive and continue to grow as a family.

So don’t spend another moment stressed, stuck, or overwhelmed. Start your journey to making the new normal feel normal today.

Dr Mike Kelly
CEO & Founder