Different but equal

Living and Working with Diversity

Course details

This course is designed for employees of commercial organisations providing products or services to people from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds.

The aim of this course is to:

How does the course work

Group Training

The course consists of four 2-hour modules for groups of no less than ten participants who will be working with one of our expert Institute of Wellbeing facilitators.


The activities within the course are designed to highlight the importance of responding positively to social and ethnic diversity in the workplace. 

Participants take part in focussed discussions and small group tasks, using the scenarios, case studies, checklists and other handouts to stimulate ideas, encourage debate, raise individual awareness and review the key learning points.


The modules can be completed over:

  • One day
  • Two half days
  • Four consecutive sessions at a time to suit the employer

What you will learn

By taking this course your employees will gain imperative knowledge on the importance of responding positively to social and ethnic diversity.

Course Outline

Module 1 - Make the case

Explore the business case for promoting Equality & Diversity in the workplace and what Equality & Diversity should mean in practice.

Module 2 - Talking the Talk.

Raises awareness of what is/is not legal, clarifies the meaning of key words and increases participants’ understanding of the power and use of inappropriate language.

Module 3 - Meeting the Challenges.

Uses role-play to generate discussion about stereotyping and ways of responding to inappropriate attitudes, both of which are key challenges when working with diverse colleagues and customers

Module 4 - Walking the Walk.

Gives employees individual and company-wide strategies for mainstreaming Equality & Diversity and promoting a more inclusive ethos at work.

Different but equal
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