Relationship advice for couples

In the last two years the world we live in has changed immeasurably and there’s no denying that our relationships are changing, too.

Reading together is richly rewarding

I have questioned whether I’m doing the right thing as a parent. Am I raising them or spoiling them? All I can say is this, I try my best to make my children happy. This father shows how simple that can be.

Wellbeing power of sound frequencies

Sound and music operates at a frequency and a frequency can adjust the structure of water, the mood of a person and literally perform wellbeing healing. We will be exploring the solfeggio frequencies and how some sounds can potentially make us ill.

Surviving Covid – How it changed my life

During this pandemic we have heard many statistics – the number of infections, deaths, ICU admissions. With so much news and information on the subject it is very easy to forget that behind each statistic lies a human life and a life changing story.

The real lock down story – life after jail

We all have to face setbacks in our life from time to time, whether in our personal relationships or in our careers. But some people tend to deal with setbacks and challenges better than others.

Should we take the vaccine?

Concerns have been growing in recent weeks about the hesitancy from some people in black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities to have the Covid-19 vaccine. This growing concern has meant higher refusal rates in the very same communities adversely affected by the Covid-19 virus.

Loss, Grief and Self Esteem – The Hidden Loss Doubt. Self-esteem. Insecurity. Just the mention of these words can take us back to a particular moment in our lives. Perhaps the teenage years or young adulthood – when

Boost your self esteem Is there such a thing as absolute confidence?  How can we ever be secure and confident in a world is constantly changing? Confidence in one’s value as a human