Parents for Life

The online course for mums, dads and carers of babies and children upto the age of 5

Course details

The new e-learning programme from the Institute of Wellbeing which supports parents and carers in engaging with learning activities around literacy and communication in a positive home learning environment.

How does the course work

Online Modules

The online course is divided into 10 mini-modules lasting approximately 10/20 minutes each.  Each module contains the latest messages from research with the information, tasks, homework and practical resources you will need to understand and digest before moving on to the next module. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to download your certificate.

*Not all aspects of the course are mobile friendly so we strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop for the best user experience.


Each module focuses on a different aspect or stage of your child’s development, with ideas for activities to engage in with your child, how to look after yourself, and where you can find out more information about different aspects of helping your child learn. Each page includes a link to an online reflective diary where you are encouraged to write down your feelings about the ideas suggested, and what it is like to do these things with your child.

Your complete online learning toolkit

Each unique stage contains everything parents and carers need to learn about the importance of creating both a positive home learning environment and a balanced sense of wellbeing.


Designed to support your child's early life skills, development and learning

Knowledge Tests

Unique tools to assess positive mental health, wellbeing and confidence


Designed to help measure your learning journey

Interactive Activities

Designed to help measure your learning journey


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Action planning tips

Reflective home-based learning activities

What you will learn

By taking this course you’ll gain imperative knowledge on how to improve life outcomes in children and families.

Taken by mums, dads and carers all over the UK

Course outline

Module 1

Getting it right from the start

Module 2

Learning at home is easy and fun​

Module 3

Nurturing your child’s language skills​

Module 4

Getting it right for their age​

Module 5

Your child and the wider world

Module 6

When English isn’t your first language

Module 7

Help your child to be a good talker

Module 8

Children and technology​

Module 9

Don’t forget yourself​

Module 10

Maintaining your own wellbeing

Give your child the right start today