Increasing wellbeing and inclusion in early years settings

Hi , welcome to the Institute of Wellbeing’s e-learning resource on increasing inclusion and wellbeing in early years settings.

We believe that understanding the role of wellbeing in people’s lives, and teaching them how to achieve it, is key to helping them make progress and enjoy their lives more fully.

As an early years practitioner you are in a position to help improve the wellbeing of children and their families at a crucial point in children’s development, when the foundations of their future lives are being laid. Children from families with high levels of wellbeing make faster and better progress in their education.

Working with all families in an inclusive way is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation framework. Ofsted will also look for evidence of a partnership with parents and that all children and families, especially those with special educational needs and disabilities, are equally able to access good early years settings.

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Understanding Wellbeing And Inclusion And Their Implications For Your Practice


Looking at your own wellbeing and how that affects your inclusive practice


Your role in supporting parents’ and children’s wellbeing and inclusion in the early years


Working with parents to help them improve the home learning environment?


Children with special educational needs or disability


How to increase inclusive wellbeing practice in your own setting


Reaching out into the community to ensure all parents take up their early education free entitlement


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