Going together so we can go further

An African proverb: ‘if you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.’ Going together so we can go further sums up the past few months at the Institute of Wellbeing. We attended the launch of the Hungry Little Minds campaign at the DfE and were privileged to share our tailored campaign, key messages and visual resources designed to creatively engage with BME / Faith Communities at the Birmingham and London ‘Learn Explore Debate’ days hosted by NCB.

We also embarked on successful roadshows to engage with key stakeholders and been guests on three regional BBC Radio stations. We’ve had exciting conversations with key stakeholders and want to keep exploring the potential to collaborate for the greater good of the families we want to serve.

We are excited; we want to reach, positively influence and impact as many families as we can, and to see them flourish as a result of creating a healthy Home Learning Environment. This requires compassionate engagement that creates moments of connection and an environment of trust. As a result we are committed to keep asking ourselves, what do we see when we look at the families we engage with?