Wellbeing Overview

Ultimately, Wellbeing comes from our resilience, inner sense of peace and satisfaction.  At the Institute of Wellbeing, our mission is to support people to increase their wellbeing by teaching them how to maximise their resilience so that they may develop their own sense of inner peace, life satisfaction, joy and function effectively.

There is increasing evidence and understanding about what drives our wellbeing. NEF have effectively described wellbeing as how people feel and how they function both on a personal and social level and how they evaluate their life satisfaction as a whole. We tend to think of someone as having wellbeing if they function well, have positive day to day feelings, are resilient and able to manage ‘self’ even when things aren’t going well.

At the Institute of Wellbeing, we believe that Wellbeing begins with ‘being well’ in ‘your self so that you may be well in the world’.

Institute of Wellbeing’s Definition of Wellbeing:

Wellbeing is about promoting a better way of life and equality for citizens.  Wellbeing in its simplest definition is: Being Well. It is where the basic human requirements are met, whilst being afforded the opportunity to have optimistic aspirations enveloped in an environment where the endeavour of ‘Being Well’ can be achieved, therefore, attaining a satisfactory quality and standard of life and happiness.

Mike Kelly, CEO and Founder of the Institute of Wellbeing