Anthropology Music Therapy Details

Composed and Performed by Qura Rankin and Mike Kelly

The mind is arguably the most powerful thing we have as humans. It is the centre of our being. The mind controls what we think and do hence “mind over body.”

Aristotle (384BC – 322BC) adopted as reasonable supposition that everything in the visible world, is composed of the basic principles – matter and form.

The word Aristotle uses for matter, (hyle or hule), can be literally translated as wood or timber, that is, “raw material” for building.

Indeed, Aristotle’s conception of matter is intrinsically linked to something being made or composed. In other words, in contrast to the early modern conception on matter as simply occupying space, matter for Aristotle’s definition is linked to process or change: matter is what underlies a change of substance.

When we marry the mind with the understanding of matter especially from a “change” perspective, we realise and release powerful opportunities. It is therefore up to us to seize those opportunities and utilise our powerful minds to change things hence the term “mind over matter.”

Anthropology is to release clean and positive energy through the music that is played, shedding light in places that may have darkness, bad vibes or that are undeveloped, through the vibration of music healing a new cognitant can be developed and hence bring change in ones life.

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