Be a Hero!

What makes a hero? -Is it someone who is brave, strong or noble? Are they selfless or do they go beyond the call of duty. Perhaps, a hero has all the characteristics noted above.

The reality is that you can be a real hero too! You don’t need a cape or a large ‘S’ on your chest. You can start by taking these small steps:


Make a decision to commit to being present and taking an active interest in our child/ren’s education. Identify their strengths and ambitions and help them to develop respect for themselves and others. After all, Parents are children’s heroes.




Take charge, take action, be leaders by honouring and respecting each other. Look for ways to make it better and stronger. Love heals, love is patient and love is kind.





Re-connect with your neighbourhood. Give a smile, wave, say hello or stop and chat – it creates a sense of belonging, breaks down isolation and builds unity. Take responsibility – join in with community events, or neighbourhood watch. Be involved with the issues and decisions made in your borough. Have a voice.



Realise your dreams and try to aspire to them. Be responsible and demonstrate your finest qualities – aim to be the best at what you do. Be willing to expand your horizons. Maintain confidence in yourself and follow your ambitions. We all have something positive to contribute to those around us. We can make an impact and leave a good legacy for people in the future to remember us by. What you do right now, is what will shape your destiny, because your past does not equal your future. A hero is defined by action, not by potential.


Be a hero.


For more information:

We have a course for a balanced, rewarding life and continual personal growth in today’s rapidly changing world. Life Choices 

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