The Positive Attributes to Nurturing Your Wellbeing

Understand your needs

Understand your needs.

If we don’t feel well with in our self I believe we would not achieve our full potential I feel we have to understand who we are and our needs , emotionally , physically and mentally which is part of our well-being regardless of our statues, financial wealth or materialistically those things don’t make us who we are.

Our entire attributes as a whole, help us to achieve these goals which is were our well being comes into it physically mentally and emotionally.


Physically– we have to be healthy towards our body regarding our food intake, watching what we eat and exercising regularly.




Mentally– we have to stay strong to juggle all the things we have to do in life i.e children, work, home life which can be draining on the brain power so doing things that relax you can help you to re-energise like some retail therapy, relaxing in the bath, a bit of one to one therapy to off load some of the stresses of the week which could be a quick counselling session. Everyone is different but it does help.


Emotionally– there is the emotional stress, which I believe is the most draining of energies because it can sometimes over lap into different parts of your life.  Being aware of your feelings is vital for your well-being as it helps to be more in control. So when different emotional issues arise through out life, you will be more equipped to deal with it as well as being more aware of these feelings getting out of control in situations.

Taking into account all these attributes these will help to accomplish our personal goals in life to becoming confident and comfortable, with our self’s unconditionally, which will enable us to achieve our life goals in every aspect as well as nurturing our well-being.


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