Smoking- Tips on Quitting

Smoking can be detrimental not only to your health, but to other’s around you with serious consequences. As a smoker, according to the British Heart Foundation, you are twice as likely to have a heart attack.

Not only is smoking a costly addiction, it can increase your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer. This can also cause diseases such as heart disease in others who inhale second-hand smoke- this can include family and children.

Making the decision to quit can be hard enough, yet alone to actually quit. Here are our top tips on how to quit smoking:

Don’t do it alone– It can feel like a lonely journey when you try to quit alone, so why not invite a friend or family member to quit with you. You can motivate each other and it won’t feel so lonely.



Changes– Be aware of when and why you smoke. If you usually smoke during your breaks at work, then try having fruit or reading instead. If you go out on a Friday night with friends who smoke, try going out to dinner with family and friends. If you know you smoke because of stress, try changing whatever is stressing you.


Exercise– When cravings arise, try exercising. It can help to relieve stress and distract you from the cravings.




Treat yourself– Use the money you save to treat yourself after a certain amount of time. A holiday or a new watch after six months. It will help you feel rewarded and encourage you to continue.



Stay occupied– If you are busy and occupied, there will be no chances to smoke. Use the time to see family and friends, go to the movies, travel, learn a new language.




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