Not Enough Time- How to Make Time

By Dr Jaydeep Sinha Editor Natasha Nkantu

I There are just not enough hours in the day. Often, I find myself rushing from one thing to another.  It can seem relentless sometimes.  I finish work, get home, go for a run, make some dinner, catch up with friends on the phone, and finally watch that film that has been out for weeks.  It is exhausting and I’ve noticed that I rarely get everything done that I want to.  After all that effort, I still feel that I have failed. Here are our top tips on making time:


Get a planner– ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Making a note of tasks can help you to plan your day and stay on top of your to-do list. You can even use the planner apps on your phone which have inbuilt reminders to keep you on track of your day. This will help you identify spaces of free time.



Prioritise– Taking on too many tasks in one go can become overwhelming. Prioritising your tasks will help you tackle one at a time and spread out your work load.






Share your workload– If you find that you never have free time because you’re taking on too much, then why not share some of that load. Share household work with your partner, or that project with your colleague.



Say no!– Don’t be afraid to decline requests. Saying no every now and again will not hurt. Communicating that you are busy will help other’s understand your reasoning for saying no.




Waste less time– Have you ever gone online to look up one thing and ended up spending hours browsing other non-related things? We have all been there. Focus on the task at hand and turn off distractions if need be until you have completed your task.




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