Meditation for Beginners


Meditation is a relaxing method to unwind from stress we all experience in our daily lives. By spending five to ten minutes each day, meditating can help fade our anxieties, anger, depression and fears. It can also help build better relationships with others and make us fulfilled in our lives. It further plays a part in helping with our mental health and helps towards a sharper mind and being able to problem solve faster.

Why So Moody?

Our feelings can dictate our moods. If something positive has happened then it can only make us feel happy and excited. If we are sad or angry, then these thoughts can only spiral making us feel worse. By shifting our awareness and training our minds, we can create an inner space that enables us to control our minds. A happy balanced mind can only boost our feelings positively and enrich our lives for the better.

Basic Tips to Meditation

  • Choose a clean, suitable place to sit, this helps to clear the mind.
  • Sit in a position that is comfortable, either on the floor with legs crossed and back straight or on a chair with back straight. This helps to keep the subtle energy in our body to flow freely and to keep our mind alert.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and deeply out flushing out the negative thoughts, focusing on your attention within.
  • Repeat these six or seven times.

The best time to meditate is in the morning to help us face the day positively, but it can also be a good time before we go to bed to help us sleep more easily.

Soft music can play a part in the meditation process and may help to meditate on a deeper level.
Remember it’s all about yourself and your feelings and enriching your life into a happier peaceful state of mind.

Enrich your life for the better, maintain a balanced mind and boost your positivity.
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