Course Details

This exciting new e-Learning programme from the Institute of Wellbeing will help you learn how to work with parents and their community to improve life outcomes in children and families.

  • Discover how to develop wellbeing in yourself, the children in your care and their parents.
  • Learn how a wellbeing approach can help you work with families to increase inclusion.
  • Get tools and resources to help you ensure your setting is inclusive and promotes wellbeing.
  • Continue investing in your professional development, get CPD points*

How does it work

The e-learning course is divided into eight modules. Each module contains the latest messages from research with the information, tasks, homework and practical resources you will need to understand and digest before moving on to the next module. Each module will take about an hour to complete except for module five which will take about two hours.

How can it help me?

This e-learning aims to help you understand the concepts of wellbeing and inclusion and why and how you should use them in your early years practice.

It is intended to help you understand inclusion and wellbeing and why embedding them in practice is important reflect on own your own wellbeing and how to be an effective wellbeing practitioner.

Learn how wellbeing-inclusive practice is a vital early intervention that can increase social mobility understand the importance of the home learning environment in improving children’s wellbeing outcomes and how to help parents help their children.

Learn how to support children and families with special needs, and deliver the key points of the 2014 SEND code of practice.

Understand how to implement inclusive wellbeing practice in your own setting.

Understand why reaching out to the community is essential to ensure inclusion and wellbeing, and to deepen your knowledge about how to connect with families who don’t take up the early education free entitlement.

Course Module Outline

What wellbeing is and why early years professionals need to understand it

Looking at your own wellbeing and how that affects your practice

Your role in supporting parents’ and children’s wellbeing in the early years

Working with parents to help them improve the Home Learning Environment

How to identify children with a special educational need, support them and their families, and apply the 2014 SEND code of practice

How to make your setting a place of wellbeing and what you and your colleagues can do to make it welcoming for families

Reaching out into the community to ensure all parents take up their early education free entitlement

Review of learning and working with parents checklist

The Refresher Module

Three months after completing the programme, practitioners will receive a refresher module to remind them of the main messages and see how much they have been able to put into practice.

Learners receive their certificate on completion of this module*

Your complete online learning toolkit

Each unique online module contains everything a practitioner needs to learn about the important issues of wellbeing and inclusive practice.
Interactive Activities
Engaging case studies and quizzes.
Get the key steps necessary for effective results
Practical Resources
Designed to underpin your knowledge and practical skills
Knowledge Tests
To challenge everyday practices
Supporting your reflective practice-based learning
Action Planning Tips
Creating link between your learning and its impact


Taken by hundreds of practitioners across the UK, here is what they are saying....
“I learnt about supporting both parents, explicitly fathers with information about how to support children’s learning at home by giving them to opportunities to get involve in the setting weekly activities”
Deputy Manager
” My well-being has improved since module 1 – because have been thinking about it, reflecting on it and the course has brought well-being to the front of my mind. I love using the reflective journal, especially to keep note of things I learn through courses and reading and ideas I have to put in to practice. I have been thinking a lot more about well-being and inclusion, the course has been brilliant. “
Preschool Teacher
“I have been on a few SEN courses but this course gave me a lot information to help me work with children with additional needs“.
Preschool Room Leader
“I have learnt a lot and I would say my wellbeing has improved as I have become more confident in my job“.
Nursery Practitioner

Additional Features

Designed to help support your professional learning and development
Discussion Forum
Exclusive online peer-to-peer discussion forum to exchange knowledge, ideas, share good practice and support on key talking points in early years.
Wellbeing Scales
Unique tools to assess positive mental health, wellbeing, confidence and social adjustments.
Impact Questionnaires
Pre and post evaluations / measures to evidence impact and the users journey.
Learner Action Plans
Reflective practice-based learning activities for personal & professional development. SMART action planning and goal setting.

Ready to increase wellbeing and inclusionin early years settings?

VALUE £125 – SAVE 76%
Immediate online access
Members only discussion board
8 Unique learning modules
Increase wellbeing & inclusion
A programme accredited by City & Guilds
Get CPD Points*
Supported by The Department For Education and a programme accredited by City & Guilds.