Healthy Bedtime Routines

Bedtime Routine

• Bedtime Routine

There are some measures you can take to ensure your child is obtaining the right amount of sleep, by employing a healthy bedtime routine. However, some parents will no doubt struggle to obtain this routine with their adolescent children, as we all know “they know best!” Try the following sleep patterns:

Bedroom– Try and make their bedroom a relaxing environment that they do not necessary associate with games and so on. Remove electrical items such as computers, out of their rooms if possible, and make their bedroom a place that is only used for sleep



Consistency– Give them a consistent bedtime, you can have some flexibility but mostly remain stern and unwavering on their routine. Getting them up at the same time in a morning is just as important, if not more important as putting them to bed at the same time.


No naps– Try not to let your child nap close to their bedtime as this may reduce their willingness and ability to sleep at bedtime.




Relax– Try not to let them do any physical activities up to two hours before bed as this will provide too much excitement for them.




Content tummy– Don’t let them go to sleep on a full stomach, but equally do not let your child go to bed on an empty stomach.




Independence– Try to let your child go to sleep on their own so they can learn to sleep on their own accord.




Just enough water– Try not to let them drink too much before bed as this could disrupt their sleeping pattern and also contribute to bedwetting.





For more information:

We have a Parents for Life course which raises the awareness on the importance of positive parenting and strategies on how to enhance your relationship with your child through key life stages.

We have an Increasing Wellbeing and Inclusion in Early Years Settings course.


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