What are the minimum system requirements?

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You will need to have access to a suitable computer as well as a good reliable Internet connection to study online. The minimum requirements are:



Desktop or Laptop Computer Operating system:

Windows 7 or later

Mac 10.7 or later

· 800 MHz or faster processor


Display 1024×768 recommended, 32-bit colour
Audio Headset not required.
Video Webcam not required.
eMail Account Required – You will be asked to provide an email address upon registration.
Broadband Internet Connection Broadband, 8mbps download speed or faster.
Web Browser FireFox™, Chrome™, Microsoft Internet Explorer™ (version 10+)
Plug-ins Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader
Applications software Microsoft Office™ or an office suite compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint file format.

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