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Until around a year old, most babies tend to be fairly obliging eaters. Then, sometime before their second birthday, eating habits can mysteriously change.

Out of nowhere, the biddable baby who once loved everything from broccoli to bananas will suddenly eat nothing but junk food, but don’t panic, we’ve got a healthy-eating trick or two to tempt them to eat healthy.


Making food fun- Another way to persuade even the most hard-to-please toddler to tuck in is to work on your meal-presentation skills: arrange food into interesting shapes or serve it on different coloured plates.



Get them involved- When they’re old enough, children can help prepare meals, too. Making a fruit salad together, choosing the ingredients and breaking them up in their chubby fingers, is a messy but fun way to win round a fruit phobic.





Disguising food- When they can’t abide it, hide it. If your child won’t eat their vegetables, blend them in things like vegetable sauce for their pasta.




Don’t give in- If your child rejects the food you have given them, don’t bribe them or offer alternatives. They will become accustomed to getting their own way.




Dinner Date- Eat meals as a family. Children learn by imitating behaviour. If you eat, they will be more inclined to eat also.






Don’t Give Up- If a child keeps refusing food, offer it again after some time. As certain foods may still be new to your child, it will take some attempts for them to try it.





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