Conflict Resolution

Conflict is never easy. Some people shout and some give the silent treatment. Some people insult and some cry. One thing that we can all agree on, is that conflict has to be resolved. You will experience conflict in your life, whether it’s with your partner, colleagues, friends or even strangers. Here are ways to resolve conflict:


There is nothing worse than friction and tension, where no one addresses the issues until it’s too late. If there is an area of conflict, talk to the person/people that you need to. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns in a structured manner. Talk coherently, and direct to the point to avoid misunderstandings.



Conflict often escalates when we don’t listen. To avoid shouting at one another and things getting out of hand, take it in turns to speak. Don’t interrupt until the other person has finished speaking. You can reiterate what the other person has said to show that you understand what they have said.



Just because there is conflict, doesn’t mean that there has to be hostility. If you agree with something that the other party has stated, say that. It can help to highlight areas that you agree upon rather than all the areas that you do not. Similarly, if there is a point that you don’t agree with, state it and say why you do not.



Just talking about conflict, doesn’t mean that the issue is resolved. Set a plan to actively resolve the issue. For example, if you don’t like the way your boss dismisses your ideas and they don’t like when you don’t list the benefits of your ideas. You may meet in the middle by agreeing to note down your benefits and they will listen to your ideas.



Once you’ve set your plan, act on it. Failure to act on your word may lead to further conflict. Following up on your word can show that you are trustworthy, and it is less likely to cause the same conflict reoccurring.


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