Domestic Violence

One in nine male and female relationships end in severe physical abuse.
A relationship is one in which two people are happy, loving and stable which is built on trust, respect and honour.
What’s your relationship like. Some good advice can go a long away.

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Have a Good Night’s Sleep

When I heard on the news that ‘lack of sleep is linked to early death.’
Source BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8660373.stm

I counted my lucky stars that I can fortunately get eight hours sleep a night. Literally when my head touches the pillow, I’m out within seconds. For my partner it’s different. While I am dreaming away, he’s still awake reading a book or playing games on his lap top.


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Choosing the Right School

Choosing a school for your child can be stressful. Parents are understandably worried, how can I be sure my child will be happy?
Most schools hold open days for prospective parents. They are a good way for you and your child to see the school’s facilities and meet staff and students. These days can dispel doubts and raise them. They give you with a ‘feel’ for a school, an idea of its atmosphere and ethos.

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Taking Depression Seriously

According to a recent article in The Guardian ( 3rd April, 2010), at least 15% of the UK population are presently suffering from depression and those affected have dramatically soared since the onset of the recession. Depression is of course a major barrier to personal Wellbeing and there are significant taboos surrounding it. Whilst it is a medical condition, it is, in essence an invisible illness with mostly non physical symptoms hidden beneath the surface of the skin.

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