Benefits of Having a Mentor

We spend years of our lives studying and completing tasks in the hopes of one day getting the right job for us. Most of the successful people that I have spoken to say that they had a mentor who guided them. A mentor can be a person who is in the job that you one day hope to have or can be someone who can help you achieve your goals. Do not be mistaken, a mentor will not just hand you a job on a platter, they will teach you the skills to help you on your journey. Here are some ways that mentors can be beneficial:



A mentor can help you to focus on your goal. Just like a trainer will encourage you to keep running or working out until you reach your goal, a mentor will help you to focus on your goal.



Usually, your mentor will be someone in the job role that you want. They will be able to tell you first-hand what the job is really like. They will have experience and will be able to advice you on what areas you need to work on. Sometimes, mentors are able to give you a taster session of what the job entails.



Most people seek a mentor to network. Mentors often know when someone is just using them for their connections. However, it is true that they will usually have some form of helpful connections. During your mentoring journey, you may find that your mentor will refer people to you or once you are ready, they can refer you to their connection. Depending on your goals and relationship with your mentor, they may be able to write a good reference, giving you credibility with their connections.



Alongside the skills you are taught by your mentor to prepare you for your future job, mentors can often teach you personal skills. Some mentoring journeys are brief whilst others last a life time. During your mentoring journey, you may learn more about yourself. They can teach you personal skills from their own journey such as dealing with rejection, being resilient or being consistent.


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