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By Pat Darko Editor Natasha Nkantu

Every day we are faced with opportunities to do a good deed. We are all too familiar with the after statements that make us so sorry when an incident has occurred in which we realise how much better things could have been if we had lent a sympathetic ear; if only we had not turned the other way; if only we had just taken a little notice; if only we had thought of making a few enquiries; if only we had knocked at the door to find out what was happening; if only we had been more caring!

It is when people go through a personal crisis that they realise how lonesome the world could be flat mates, neighbours, friends and family, all seem to disappear. Granted, we live in a world where time is indeed everything. That in my opinion should make us value the time we spend on trying to make the world better for our family, our neighbour, for the community. and in the same vein make us put premium value on the time that other people spend on us. In a society where people tend to keep to themselves, there is a fine line between meddling and interference. Getting the balance right could make all the difference.  So, start to make a little time for someone you know.

  • Knock on the door of that neighbour you haven’t seen for a while with a smile.
  • Send an email to that friend you haven’t heard from for the whole of the year, and wish them well.
  • Visit that relation you would otherwise not have bothered with.
  • Send a greeting card to some of the people you’ve crossed out on your list.
  • Look up the contact number of that friend who really does not interest you, and give them a ‘How are you doing?’ call or text.
  • Make an attempt to listen through the conversation of that friend on the other side of the telephone line. It may be the call that could save him/her from a bout of depression.


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