When you think of teenager, you may think of acne. But it’s not just teenagers that suffer from acne. It can pop up at any age and may be a result of a number of factors.

Acne can cause:

  • Oily Skin
  • Spots
  • Warm and painful skin

Tips for dealing with acne:

Hygiene– keep your skin clean by washing with mild soap or cleanser with lukewarm water. But try not to wash the affected area more than twice a day as it can irritate your skin.



Don’t squeeze– Don’t be tempted to squeeze your spots as it can make your acne worse and can cause scaring.




Make-up– Try not to use make up and cosmetics in excess. Try to use water based products or products which are less likely to clog your pores. Remember to remove your make up and cleanse your skin before going to bed.



Choose the right products– If your skin reacts to fragranced products, use fragrance- free products. Find out your skin type is and what your skin reacts to so you know what to avoid.



Haircare– Sometimes the oils in your hair can cause your skin to breakout. Keep your hair clean and avoid letting it fall on your face where possible. Similarly, keep objects that come into contact with your face clean such as mobile phones, glasses etc.



There is no cure for acne but there are treatments which can help the symptoms. Always consult your doctor before using any over the counter or creams which contain medication.


For more information visit:

Your GP


British Skin Foundation




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