Who We Are

The Institute of Wellbeing is a specialist organisation founded by Mike Kelly (CEO), responsible for providing national guidance on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and total well-being.

We offer a range of approaches including bespoke courses that help create a culture of empower-ment, growth and balance. These training courses are of the highest standards and offer support to people who require such services.

Mission Statement:

“Bridging the Gap Through Accessibility”



We intend our services to be a lifestyle consideration and not just a crisis remedy. Therefore, we will promote products and services which are dedicated to the development of individuals and groups (children, parents, couples and families, local communities etc) we will provide interventions that have been carefully tested and evaluated, thereby allowing the recipient to make healthy and informed life choices.

Training And Education

We believe that Training and Education is the fulcrum that aids the lifestyle of any individual. We also believe that through training we can inspire, restore, motivate, empower, correct and develop people. We believe that life long learning is good practice and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Cultural Sensitivity

There is a long history of discrimination based on assumptions made about culture and the colour of one’s skin. As a result various groups of people often feel excluded and alienated from the structures, processes and institutions that are responsible for providing services that cater to their needs.

By forming strategic alliances with mainstream providers and Government, we play a crucial role in helping experts reach a greater level of understanding local communities and cultural differences.

Policy Issues

The Institute of Wellbeing encourages people (especially commonly excluded groups) to empower themselves, by taking responsibility and contributing to policy issues that relate to the service provision for family, marriage and relationships.

It is our aim to make our services accessible to the widest range of people across ethnicity, race, culture, religion, class, age, disability and sexual preference.

Explore our website to discover who we are and how attitudes have changed over the years through our exceptional levels of support helping to create a place for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.