Vision, Mission & Beliefs

 Our Vision

A world where all citizens can ‘Be Well’ through choice and create their own ‘sense of wellbeing’ regardless of their personal, social or economic circumstances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people to develop their wellbeing so that they are able to maximise their own sense of inner peace, life satisfaction, joy and function effectively in every area of life.

Our Belief
  • Wellbeing starts from within and simply cannot be equated with wealth, happiness and possessions,
  • That education and a ‘life course approach’ is the fulcrum that helps create a fairer society which empowers an individual to achieve their ‘own sense of wellbeing’.
  • That life-long learning is fundamental to living a life that inspires, restores, motivates people to reach their full potential.

People are not defined by their social and economic status and we all have a choice to ‘Be Well’. Sometimes we all need a helping hand and that’s where the Institute of Wellbeing comes in.