Wellbeing Research

75d9604649711e0fda5b178212bcdabf_f326Creating a tailored solution for families and children wellbeing.

In its simplest format, research can is defined as ‘any gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge.’

At the Institute of Wellbeing, our vision is to give a voice to families through the advancement of knowledge on ‘wellbeing’ as a lifestyle choice and as a way of improving outcomes for individuals, families and their children.

Our action research programme ensures our delivery interventions are all developed from a point of intelligence and engagement with the end user. We create solutions by speaking to those who access our services.

We believe a strong evidence base offers a crucial starting point to bring together ‘likeminded individuals’ for collaborative partnerships between service practitioners, policy makers and community groups.

Our innovative approach in the field of family policy includes our ability to influence the research agenda, inform policy and share best practice.

Join our research community; send in your in-house journals, publications or information leaflets to support@tiow.org