Council of Wellbeing Experts

No individual aspect of Wellbeing defines its accumulated parts. We can all play our part in improving wellbeing life outcomes for present and future generations.


Established in 2012, the ‘Institute of Wellbeing Council of Wellbeing Experts’ seeks to bring together wellbeing experts from different fields around the world with the primary purpose of developing ‘critical thinking’ to the cross cutting Wellbeing Agenda.


Terms of Reference

The Council of Experts is designed to create an environment that brings together likeminded experts and academics to exchange knowledge, share best practice and expertise. The goal is to Improve Social Mobility and Wellbeing Outcomes for children, young people, families and local communities. The Council of Wellbeing Experts group:


  • Explores, challenges and promotes better understanding on current perceptions on Wellbeing;
  • Influences economic and social policy development;
  • Develops national wellbeing indicators;
  • Drives effectiveness of public services and policy to improve quality of life and encourage social mobility opportunities;
  • Advises Government on benefits of investing in Mental Capital and Wellbeing to improve life chances for the most disadvantaged and the vulnerable.


Interested in Joining the Council of Experts?

The Council of Wellbeing Experts provides a platform for educators, specialists and faith-leaders to have an ‘open and transparent’ conversation around solutions to ‘help individuals and families develop their own sense of wellbeing’.



Open to UK/International applicants in both the public and private sector with relevant expertise, experience and track record in one or more areas of Wellbeing and who is able to make the necessary commitment to the Council. We continue to seek a diverse range of experts that the Institute of Wellbeing wouldl be able to benefit from as well as attract new thinkers and patrons. Contact us to register your interest