A Poem About Mental Illness



Why are we afraid of the mentally insane?

Is it in case we end up the same

Or they will harm us in any way

Because we think we are to blame

May be that’s why they sometimes end up that way

Going to their worst level because the have no price to pay

No body understands them in any way

Isolated and vulnerable- labelled insane

They are told no-one can help them and are injected day by day

How can they go back to being half them selves?

Before the illness and try and think straight

If they are injected with poison so they are never the same

I do not agree with the actions they take

To hurt another human being is wrong in every way

If we only had a little compassion and more empathy

And tried everything to help them on their way

To clear the clouds from their mind and brush the cobwebs away

So on those dark days the depression won’t meander in every way

Which enveloped them and made them a mentally ill patient ward A

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