A Guide to Potty Training

We have all been through it. The dreaded potty training! But it doesn’t have to be daunting. Here is our quick guide to potty training:

Step One

Purchase a potty. Your child will be between 18-24 months when you will need to start potty training them. By having a potty around, it won’t seem so scary once your child had to start using it. Potties come in all shapes and sizes, so find one that you think your child may like and would be comfortable using.

Step Two

Check to see if your child is ready to start potty training. This can include things such as your child acting more independent or asking to go to get out of pull ups. If your child shows an interest in the potty, you may be able to start potty training them.

Step Three

Give a demonstration. Children learn by imitation, so show them how they are meant to use it. If they see you using it, they will feel more comfortable to use it themselves (You don’t actually have to use it, just pretend).

Step Four

Talk your child through using their potty and let them do it themselves. Sit with them and talk to them to make them feel comfortable.

Step Five

Hygiene is important. Teach your child how to properly wipe (front to back) and how to properly wash their hands. You can use child friendly hand wash to make it more fun and easier to use.

Step Six

Remember to say well-done! You child has taken a massive step to start potty training, remind them that it is a positive thing by praising them.


For more information:

We have a Parents for Life course which raises the awareness on the importance of positive parenting and strategies on how to enhance your relationship with your child through key life stages.

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