Are you still ready for a year full of excitement, challenges, changes, empowerment, accomplishments, good and bad experiences?

When it comes to setting goals, we always start with good intentions to do better but unfortunately, sometimes those personal or shared promises become yearly recycled disappointments and can have a negative impact on your self-image, your relationship or your lifestyle.  Most people desire to be healthier, be more successful or save more money.

Sadly, only a very small group of people will ever follow-through with their desires and actually ‘make it happen’. Intentions refer to what you plan to do or achieve. It signifies a course of deliberate action that you propose to follow. And it also suggests an idealistic aim or long-term purpose towards your effort in pursuit of an end result.

To aid longevity and sustainability to your solution(s) for a more meaningful life, follow through with the suggestions below to commit yourself to your progression and journey towards fulfilment. You need to set S.M.A.R.T goals.

Specific-Think about what you desire in black and white. Make sure it’s not generalised. E.g. To loose 2 pounds for your wedding.

Measurable- How will you measure your success? E.g. Saving £300 a month. Make sure you have some sort of measure in order to stay on track of your progress.

Attainable- Is your goal achievable? E.g. Trying to run a full marathon after 3 days of training. Be realistic in your goals.

Relevant- Is your goal something that is relevant to your life and future plans. E.g. don’t set a goal to get a new car if you live somewhere with no parking.

Time- What is your deadline? Having a time frame helps you to focus. Make sure this time frame is achievable. E.g. Losing weight gradually throughout the year for your big day.


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