10 Ways To Get Your Child to Read More

One of my fondest memories as a child was bed time. I would get cosy in my bed, cuddle my teddy and have a story read to me. I used to love reading time at primary school, this love for books has impacted my adult life where I have turned into a book worm. I think I love reading so much because I had enthusiastic teachers or parents who made books come alive. Here are some ways that you can encourage your child to read more:


1.Reading Time

Put aside time every day to read with your child. Whether its half an hour or an hour, that time spent reading with your child will help to establish a routine for your child and give you the chance to monitor your child’s reading.

2.Reading space

Just like reading time, establish a neutral and comfortable environment where your child can read. You can make it cosy with pillows and soft lightening. When your child is comfortable, it will help them feel more comfortable. It can also act as their own space where they can sit and read, rather than sitting in front of the TV in their spare time.

3.Read with your child

One way that children learn is by imitation. Reading with your child will allow you to spend time with your child and to learn how words are pronounced, making it easier for them to learn letter patterns.

4.Talk about it

Make reading more interactive by asking your child questions. Comprehension is a crucial part of reading, asking your child questions will help them to understand the characters and the plot better. It will be more fun for your child and you can gain an understanding of your child’s feelings towards the reading material.


Give your child a choice of what they want to read. Giving your child the freedom to choose what they would enjoy to read will make their reading experience more enjoyable as they will be in control. It can also help you to understand your child’s likes and dislikes more by their choices.

6.Incorporate technology

Digital books are now easily available to be downloaded on products such as tablets and mobile phones. Allowing your child to read on a tablet or mobile phone every now and again can help them get into a habit of reading rather than just playing games or watching videos when they are playing on digital devices. It may also work out cheaper to purchase books online, but be weary not to let them spend too long on these devices to avoid straining their eyes.

7.Mix it up

Too much of anything is not good. Similarly, constantly reading the same books may get boring for your child. You can borrow books from the library for free and let your child choose from a wide range of books.

8.Word of the day

If your child comes across a word that they do not understand, you can define the word for them and have them use is in a sentence that day.


Similar to word of the day, if your child comes across a word they are interested in or struggle with, have them note it down with a definition. Teach them how to spell it and test them randomly during the day. This will help to improve their spelling.

10.Come alive

There are often book readings and author signings at local libraries. Check with your library to see if they have any events. This will give your child the chance to talk to other children about books and have a good day out.

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